Saturday, 09 July 2016 15:01

Dear friends,

It’s been almost 4 months since I last wrote. I was in Brazil to rest and renew the energies. It was also a time to be with my mother and the rest of my family.
Thanks for all who took time to pray for my family. My sister Penha who was in Bosnia for more than 7 years returned to Brazil after having her visa denied due to late paperwork. God is in control, and it was good for her to rest and be restored. During her time in Brazil my mother’s health deteriorated, necessitating more care, and Penha chose to stay with her. Since where my mother lived didn’t have good health care, Penha decided to move her to a city with better health care access. However, half of my brothers and sisters didn’t agree and so don’t want to help or visit my mum. Please pray for my family to come to an agreement and help my mother. Her health has improved, but Penha cannot leave Brazil.

Saturday, 09 July 2016 14:35



Prayer for all of the organisers, Walter, Donald, Erika, Oscar and Dania Zelayas (from Honduras), who are new to the language. Also for the Sinyis family, who are from the Ukraine. They are employers from the organization. Prayers for the country’s health service, it is corrupt and there is currently no NHS available. There are also lots of difficulties concerning the government to obtain and renew visas, the demands and question seem to increase each time the process in undergone.

Sunday, 10 July 2016 05:44


• That the registration process goes through with no further delays.
• That finance will be available for the extra staff.
• For stability in the nation so that everybody will be well.
• For the forthcoming visit of Sheila Harris, in November, the orphanage’s main fundraiser and supporter.

Saturday, 09 July 2016 15:58

It has been a while since I send an update of what's happening on this side of the world. God has been good to us and his grace has been sufficient. I have continued to do music ministry to the children and have seen lives changed and it has continued to challenge my heart to give myself away to be used of the Lord more and more. A week ago, my friend, my son and I spend a week with children of Molo Street Children Project. It was a week of learning God's word, lots of singing and learning to play musical instruments. It was lots of fun for the kids and for us too.

If God is stirring you about serving Him cross-culturally we want to know about it!

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